Worship times offer a great opportunity to uplift the name of Christ. We worship through music, prayer, testimonies, giving and exposition of scripture. You will enjoy these times of talking to God and hearing from Him.

 Every member of your family will enjoy the benefits of ministry -- ministry you will receive from others and ministry you can give to others. God has given to our church gifted nursery workers, children's ministry teachers, Awana leaders and enthusiastic Sunday School Leaders.                                                                                                                                       

Holiday Park Baptist has ministered in this area since 1960. We combine strong, yet uncomplicated, Bible application ministries, powerful worship times, and care for one another within the church to help every participant become a better follower of Jesus Christ.


Every Sunday evening

Time 6:00am - 7:45pm

 Ages:  from 2½ years old - 12th grade

(cubbies, Sparks, T & T, Trek & Journey) AWANA registration